Climate Justice Camp 2024


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The third global edition of the Climate Justice Camp will take place in Tanzania from October 8th-12th! The camp will bring together hundreds of young community leaders from around the Global South to build community, and demand justice! 

The Climate Justice Camp is the largest global platform of its kind designed by organizers and for organizers. Each year, it enables hundreds of young organizers, advocates, and leaders from communities on the frontlines of climate change to meet and build knowledge and networks, share stories and skills, and co-create strategies and demands. Since 2022, more than 1,000 young people working at the intersection of climate and social justice have become part of the camp community; going on to influence policy, seed new organizations, and win powerful campaigns.

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Applications for the 2024 Climate Justice Camp are now closed!


What is the Climate Justice Camp?

The Climate Justice Camp is an international week-long event, which provides a physical space for co-creation, collaboration, and innovation between Global South groups and leaders working at the intersection of climate and social justice.

Each year, its program is developed and delivered by the participant body and regional partners. The camp’s objectives are centered on co-creating strategies that cross borders and issues; forging relationships, networks, and alliances between participants; and building capacity and communities of practice that remain active for the long-term.

Well-being and resilience are integrated into the foundational design of the camp, as well as an emphasis on creativity and storytelling.

Previous global Climate Justice Camps have taken place in Tunisia (2022), Lebanon (2023); as well as a regional iteration in the Caribbean (2024).

When and where will the next camp take place?

The third global edition of the Climate Justice Camp is happening from October 8th-12th in Tanzania. 

When will applications close?

Last day to fill out the application is July 7.

Who is organizing the camp?

The Climate Justice Camp is always a product of co-creation and collaboration between local, regional and international groups; and each camp has dozens of partner organizations supporting its development and implementation.

The camp is a two-way platform, with the week-long program being delivered by both the participant body and partners to ensure objectives and outcomes are grounded in local knowledge and context. Since 2022, more than 100 groups and organizations, big and small, have contributed to making this camp happen.

When will I find out if my application has been approved?

We will be reviewing applications as they come in and will be prioritizing representation from Sub-Saharan Africa and the broader Global South. Given the volume of applications we receive, we will communicate directly with those who either have been selected or have been placed on the waitlist. If you do not hear from us by August 23rd then that means we have reached the maximum of invitations. 

How much will it cost or what am I expected to cover?

Admission to the camp is free, and the host organizations are covering the costs of accommodation, food and transportation within Tanzania (we will also be offering limited transportation from Nairobi to the camp's location). Participants are asked to cover the costs of travel to Tanzania, and any VISA-related costs (if needed). There may be some financing available to cover the cost of travel to Tanzania, but this is extremely limited and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How do I know if the Climate Justice Camp is right for me?

The Climate Justice Camp is a platform for intersectional organizers and community builders to build relationships, develop skills through daily workshops, share best practices and lessons learnt from their local organizing, and co-create and collaborate on cross-border and cross-issue strategies and tactics. In short, it’s a space where organizers from the Global South and frontline communities come together to build community and deepen their impact in the fight for climate justice.

When should I expect to travel?

You should expect to arrive the day prior to the camp commencement (October 7th) and return on Sunday after the conclusion (October 13th).

Who will be attending the camp?

Attendees of the camp will be made up of organizers, advocates and community leaders from the Global South, as well as some representatives from movements from around the world. Since 2022, participants from more than 100 countries on the frontlines of climate change have attended the camps.

Who can attend the camp?

People who are part of movements or local groups that are actively working towards intersectional climate justice. Participants of the camps always represent a broad range of issues, including climate justice, conservation, social justice, human rights, women’s rights and feminism, and Indigenous rights. 

What should I expect at the camp?

The Climate Justice Camp is an opportunity to build relationships and networks; share stories and lessons learnt from the field; learn new skills through workshops and trainings, and collaborate on opportunities for creative strategies and tactics.

When will I know the details of the program?

The official program of the 2024 global Climate Justice Camp will be ready and distributed to those attending in the weeks leading up to the camp. Invited participants will have the opportunity to pitch sessions or workshops they would like to run, and we will do our best to fit them in the schedule.

What is the background of the Climate Justice Camp?

In early 2022, as the world began to re-open after COVID-19, Roots developed the framework for a platform that would provide a physical space for co-creation, collaboration, and innovation between Global South groups and leaders. This resulted in the inaugural Climate Justice Camp, held in Tunisia in September that year, bringing together 350 participants from 65 countries and supported by more than 30 partner organizations. This camp was followed by the Climate Justice Camp 2023 in Lebanon, attended by 450 participants from almost 100 countries, with the support of more than 40 partners. In March 2024, the first-ever regional iteration of the platform was held in Sint Maarten for 120 young people from 25 Caribbean nations, supported by more than 20 local and regional partners.

Who is Roots?

Roots is the lead partner of the Climate Justice Camp platform. A global initiative that partners with climate justice movements and youth in the Global South to develop power, community, and leadership, Roots’ goal is to champion and uplift a diverse movement of people that drive progressive and equitable environmental change grounded in local realities.